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In the silence. [22 Apr 2006|07:12pm]
[ mood | content ]

Very personal.Collapse )

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[26 Jan 2006|11:22pm]
[ mood | good ]

The game was... interesting I guess. I can't fathom the reluctance to bring guns into the disputes though. Had I used my brand new tranquilizer loaded beauty the other contestant would have been out of the run before they could say 'stockbroker' (that word is actually horribly difficult to remember when you're semi-unconscious and wearing tights-don't ask, just take my word for it). People just can't see the advantages, the shine of metal in the fluorescent lights, the satisfying click when you fire, the way the Sakano's eyes focus on his nose as he says 'oh, not again K' (I think that's what 'uhg' means anyway) and the time it would save. Minimum input, maximum output. We could spend the rest of the day playing scrabble. (Something Yuki would actually have a chance at winning at, sucker.) Or maybe even do a surprise publicity stunt, the surprise ones are always much more scandalous...

As it was it was a quiet event. Well, rather, as quiet it can ever get in an environment containing that bunch. I went there with Sakano, and Judy met up with us just outside the dojo, Michael at her side. I can't believe how happy I was to see them. I spend a lot of time away on business trips, I have late days and tough assignments-I admittedly do not spend enough time in their company, but I always talk to them over the phone every day I'm away, and the loss of that, not hearing their voices often enough... it's started to wear me down.

Judy was looking impeccable as usual, dark red lipstick coating her lips, shining hair curling softly around her face, spilling over her shoulders. Michael was dressed in a little brown suit with a green spot from grass on one knee, and he was scuffing his foot into the ground, pouting and rubbing his hair with one little chubby hand, the other clasped firmly in his mother's thin manicured one. I hugged Michael and gave Judy a peck on the cheek, but even though she took off her sunglasses and smiled at me she looked uncertain, a glimmer of nervousness lingering in her eyes.

I had to placate Sakano while we walked inside and sat down with ample view of the interior of the room, including the big whooping bunny (whom I recognized as Ryuichi as soon as he spun around) which amused Michael greatly. He sat curled up in Judy's lap, his hand still curling around her fingers. He turned around and whispered in her ear, but it was such a loud whisper that I could hear it where I was sitting in the next seat.

"Have you and Daddy stopped doing the angry thing?"

Judy's warm "Yes Sweetheart" was spoken in a normal tone, but very lowly.

"Can I sit with Daddy then?" the words were hesitant, and he pulled back to look up at her expression with big pleading eyes. She smiled.

"If you want to."

I quickly averted my eyes from the pair as Michael turned towards me, his little shoe nudging against my knee.


"Yes Michael?" I looked at him inquiringly, smiling softly.

"Can I sit with you?"

"Of course you can." Michael let out a little whoop and climbed over to me from Judy's lap, and settled on my right leg, leaning his head against my shoulder.


Michael jumped at the exclamation, eyes widening, shrinking back to my chest, shaking slightly. I glared at Sakano for scaring Michael, but he didn't see it from where he was staring over at Tohma and Mika, hair sprouting in wild tousles from his head, a panicked look in his eyes. I wanted to calm him down, but I also wanted to pay back for scaring Michael, and if Sakano squeaked maybe, just maybe the little kid would find it funny. Plus, I had gotten the peanut-shooting gun as a party trick, but I had as of then not tried it out-Sakano's as good a test person as anyone, right? He makes so many amusing noises that one.

It was very funny to see him flopping his arms like a bird as he fell the few feet or so down onto the floor. He looked quite startled. Like a big fainted drooling Sakano bird. Somebody came running to check if he was alright, and I leaned over his vacated seat to see if he was indeed fine. Sometimes Sakano's escapades turn a bit dangerous. He should be more careful. It did make Michael laugh though.

A second later Michael sat up straighter in my lap, pointed towards the entrance and called "There's Maiko!" and indeed, there she was, wearing a shirt with the words 'Go Yuki!' on it, and just as I looked over she tripped over her feet and tumbled to the ground. "Look, she's hurt!"

Judy had pushed her sunglasses into her hair and was also looking at the girl on the floor. "She looks like she hurt her ankle..." she mumbled.

"Can we go over there Daddy?"

Just as I was about to agree to Michael's request Suguru arrived at the scene, and seeing the gentle way he tended to her I decided that it would be better to leave the two to themselves.

"We can go check up on her later, ok?"

Michael pouted up at me, doe-eyes on full blast. "Ok Papa." He mumbled and burrowed his head into my shirt.

I glanced over at Judy and saw her looking at me. She bit her lip and made to turn away, but I reached out for her hand, twining her fingers with mine, rubbing my thumb over the inside of her wrist. She smiled and I couldn't help but think that she looked a little relieved as her fingers flexed and curled tighter around mine. We sat like that for the rest of the event, even as the grip of our clasped hands became slippery we held on, the sensitive skin touching somehow intimately, a kiss of hands. For the first time in several weeks-even with the duel taking place in front of my eyes-I felt peace.

Day: Accomplished

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[11 Nov 2005|10:28pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Ok, so, these last few weeks have been insane. And you didn't even send out a search party. I am hurt.

Did you notice my absence? Yeah? Judy kidnapped me. Kidnapped. I was stuck in the jungle for two weeks. Am I ever going to get the twigs out of my hair?


Well, the whole deal is... Judy thinks we've been "drifting apart", I say tending to our own obsessions which do not concern each other. Anyway, so, she planned this secret getaway. That was a complete surprise. Really, I am glad she cares enough to use chloroform on me and sneak me away to some 'not even on the map because that's how secret this location is'-place (I still don't know where we were), but it's just too much. I bet she thought it would be a boost for my manly-ness if I had to protect her from all the scary animals.

We had an argument. Then she went back to "base camp" where she had a jacuzzi set up (with a generator and everything). In the jungle. I mean, things joined her in the tub. Then she was completely freaked out for the rest of the afternoon, hiding in the hunter's hut.

So, after two weeks stranded in a hut with Judy with only canned food from the 80's to eat, we decided that it was better if we took some time off. I am not very happy about this, but this was one of the most stupid things she's ever done.

And I missed Michael so much.

I am going to brush my hair.

Day: Crap.

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Moody Blues - but not One Single Song. And they call themselves artists. [18 Sep 2005|08:30pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Gah! All this shit at N-G is driving me crazy! Really, is it not your dream to be a superstar? Is it not your highest wish to be in a successful band? Yea? THEN WHY THE RUDDY HELL DO YOU NOT COME TO WORK? I am the manager. I manage. I do not babysit. I am here to get you on track with style and flare. Oh, and gigs. I am not here however to solve the problems of your romantic life. ROMANCE YOURSELF AT HOME. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR PENT UP SEXUAL FRUSTRATION. Just... go to a strip-club or something, man. Let. It. Go. And if you don't have the song done in two days I'm gonna introduce you to the little tune called 'I'm gonna kick your sorry ass!'

Then, to work off the stress when I came home, I polished kaboom! (It's my precious. Mess with it and you'll be sorry.) Judy somehow had a problem with this, she said something about the soy being needed for her spring-rolls, but I mean, kaboom! just gets such an incredible dark shine from it, and when she tried to take it I threatened to shoot her Masaharu Morimoto puppet (she had it specially made) and then she started yelling lots of stuff, and I'm not really sure what she said but it was something which sounded like 'well at least he uses a knife when he's supposed to chop a chicken in half instead of an AK-47!' but I'm not sure. Anyway... She kicked me out. And as I left I could hear Michael from the balcony calling 'Papa!' but it was really freezing, so I went back to N-G to meet... Bongo. Who, he told me before I duct-taped his mouth shut, had also been kicked out by his wife. I didn't really catch the reason why he was in his mrs' bad graces, but I figure it might be because of the fact that he didn't seem to be able to stop clicking the pill-dispenser. On cue, my eye started twitching again. I was unable to pry the blasted thing from his fingers, so I finally tossed him into the basement and locked the door. Then I went to the top floor and slept in Tohma's office. I was a bit restless so I spent a few hours folding planes from the papers in some archive. It said 'Top Secret' on some of them. Ah, well, I hope he doesn't mind...

Day: Shitty

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[07 Sep 2005|10:38pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

"There are many ways of anger management," Judy says, "Rage likes to hunt popstars in her panda, you like to blow things up, I on the other hand watch Iron Chef."

And, really, that would be all there is to it if Ark could just not forget to tape the darned show. Judy just came home after a bad day of filming, fangs fully erected, ready to attack anything which wasn't her favorite episode with Masaharu Morimoto in it... well. But of course, life can never be easy can it? She started watching the show, and just about as the angry drool started to stop foaming around her mouth Amanda in Melrose Place suddenly appears with a sob story about her latest shag. Judy was... not pleased. I shall have to speak with her about children's ears and screaming and how the two are preferably not combined sometime soon. After she has stopped throttling Ark and simultaneously choking him with a spoon. Help him? Nah, it's not really any danger before the face starts to color in a blue shade and- oh... I'd better go help him.

Day: Unanalyzed

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Who said this job includes dental? [27 Aug 2005|05:33pm]
N-G has come with a new -better- dental program. Unfortunately, I was set in charge to make sure that it will never be put into use.

Distributing fluorine-pills was really one of the most boring experiences in my life.

I had to walk around with a pill-dispenser, and the clicking sound is driving me mad. I'm getting ticks. Why isn't there a cool tick? Like, flinging my gun from the holster, or striking a dramatic fighting pose, but no. It HAS to be my eye twitching.

Then I came up with a brilliant idea - to put the pills in my gun. It worked out rather nicely, well, until Thoma came and told me that I was risking blowing people's teeth off by shooting into their mouths, and that knowing the Heimlich maneuver did not make up for making people choke. Shuichi didn't seem to mind though, he said it hurt less than bullets.

In the end, Tohma hired a guy to handle the fluorine-pills instead. He runs around in a clownsuit - I heard somebody in the lunchroom muttering something about it being less intimidating. Intimidating? Me? Thanks!

But then Michael came to visit me at work because Judy read this silly book on parenting and has gotten into her head that Michael and I should bond more, and just as I was picking him up at the front doors who came along if not Bongo the clown. Clicking the pill-dispenser like a crazed fan would click their autograph pen. Immediately my eye started closing on it's own violation, and when I tried to pull Michael away from there and get as far from the clickyness of doom as possible the little thing just has to love clowns. It took me ten minutes of eye-twitching before I got him away from there, and what does Bongo do? He GIVES Michael the dispenser.

The kid has been clicking all night. The sound is now on repeat in my head. It's 3 am. I am going to - kill - Bongo.

Day: Accomplished
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